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Our Tuesday hours are: 8am - 8pm


Room to Roam

Abbey Lane Kennels features 32 runs inside our bright, airy main room. Our canine guests have access to the outdoor runs three times a day, 8 am, 4 pm, and once again at 11 pm for some fresh air and a quick break before bedtime. Weather determines how long they stay in the outdoor runs at 8 am and 4 pm (in non-extreme conditions, this is usually runs around 1 hour). Our indoor run area is heated, air conditioned, and electronically air cleaned. Each indoor run is paired with its own outdoor run. Our run sizes are:


  • 6-feet-by-3-feet
  • 6-feet-by-4-feet
  • 10-feet-by-6-feet (extra charge applies) (only 2 available)


  • 22-feet long (overhead roof protects your dog(s) from the elements)

Play and Exercise Yard

The boarding facility is surrounded by a large yard which is fully enclosed, for those looking to add extra attention and exercise to their pets' stay.

Our Facility